The Game

Elium – Prison Escape is a swordfighting action and dungeon crawler game in a low fantasy medieval setting.

The game plays in First and 3rd Person view with shooter-like controls, in a challenging and unforgiving prison environment with the main goal of finding an escape.

Take the role of Jarren Sorengar, a former master swordsman seeing his days pass as a war weary prisoner. Time has come to meet fate, find an escape or die in the attempt.

Take control of the fight

Engage in direct melee combat – choose your attack at all times, aim your strikes and parries. Experience deadly and challenging combat mechanics, all based on Player Skill.

Attacking is only the beginning. Dive into a dance of swings and parries, counterattacks, feints and dodges, and wear your opponent down to find an opening. Use footwork to manage a proper distance and positioning, and manage your Stamina to avoid exhaustion.

All against a reactive and challenging enemy AI that uses the same array of moves and logic as the player.

By force or Through the shadows

Attempt your escape through the defiant path of brute force, or the subtle ways of stealth.

Face your enemies in direct combat, take them out from the shadows, or use distractions to sneak past them. A battle avoided is always a battle won… or one that might return unexpected.

An ever changing Environment

Take the challenge to escape from the War Prison of Rakath -renown for its constant modifications to preserve its security- and experience a different level layout every play.

A combination of hand-crafted and procedurally generated elements ensures proper placement and gameplay as well as great variety.


Developed by Lone Artisan Games