Prison Escape Combat Beta

Welcome to the Elium Combat Beta.
Whether it’s because you’ve shown interest for Elium in the past, shown interest for other games in the swordfighting genre or just because I’ve known you to be a rational and reasonable gamer/developer, I’ve handpicked you because I believe your opinion could be useful. And so I’d like to ask you to help me by testing the game’s mechanics and providing feedback.


What is this Beta?

This is the Combat private beta of Elium: Prison Escape. I have made this beta after quite some time of focusing and reaching an acceptable level of completion in the most important aspect of the game: Combat.

Not overly familiar with Elium? here’s a brief explanation of what to expect:

– Single-player 3rd and 1st person swordfighting action.
– A focus on player skill and control, no scripted gameplay.
– Pseudo-realistic action. Realistic principles of swordfighting and movement are expected, but it’s still an interpretation of swordfighting into a videogame where the fun factor must prevail.
– The outcome of a one-man effort. So don’t expect a lot 🙂

But images speak clearer than words, so here’s a video showing the combat gameplay:


How to get the Beta

Register an account on the forums: using the invitation code I gave you. Then log into the forums and check the Info threads to read everything you need to know.

As stated above, this is a private beta and only the people I invited personally should be here. However if you want to bring a friend over let me know who and why, and we can arrange it.

See you in the forums!