Patch v1.00.20 Out now

A new patch is now available for Elium – Prison Escape on Steam.
This update features bugfixes and improvements for performance and stability, AI and pathfinding, and numerous graphical and movement glitches.

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  • Improvement: Pushing companion prisoners out of the way is now more effective
  • Improvement: Companion prisoners are now more reactive to enemies
  • Improvement: Cell Doors leading to empty areas are now marked as barred and cannot be opened
  • Improvement: Player’s hands now close to fists when in combat while doing stealth
  • Improvement: Minor pathfinding improvements
  • Improvement: Minor balancing
  • Optimization: Improved combat hit detection performance significantly
  • Optimization: Character code and physics performance improvements
  • Bugfix: Fixed a load game issue that would corrupt the inventory
  • Bugfix: Fixed many cases of companions getting lost behind (still happens but less frequently)
  • Bugfix: Fixed camera and player character sinking when near ledges
  • Bugfix: Fixed prisoners getting startled inside their cells from combat happenning outside
  • Bugfix: Fixed incorrect rotation on AI characters leading to moonwalking
  • Bugfix: Fixed legs looking broken on characters that are far away
  • Bugfix: Fixed wrong walk animation played on characters that are far away
  • Bugfix: Fixed companions running at half speed under some circumstances
  • Bugfix: Fixed sword attack-left animation sometimes being offset
  • Bugfix: Fixed first prisoner jittering while lockpicking the player’s door
  • Bugfix: Fixed guards walking “in place” when looking around a fallen corpse
  • Bugfix: Fixed companion prisoners looking really short after a map transition
  • Bugfix: Fixed companion prisoners looking like guards after a map transition
  • Bugfix: Fixed companion prisoners being able to take Keys to the next level
  • Bugfix: Fixed dead characters appearing to stand in some situations
  • Bugfix: Fixed some blood appearing with Blood&Gore turned off
  • Bugfix: Fixed tutorial first guard hearing the player before getting to the stealth area
  • Bugfix: Fixed pathfinding errors in several rooms
  • Bugfix: Fixed hallway with decorative stairs having a gate that can be lockpicked and lead to the void
  • Bugfix: Fixed water splash particles appearing at a wrong height
  • Bugfix: Fixed prisoners picking up torches

So make sure to launch your Steam client to get the latest version