Patch v1.00.25 Out now

A new patch is now available for Elium – Prison Escape on Steam.
This update addresses a few smaller issues that would hinder the experience.

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  • Improvement: Spawning of enemies in Horde now gets paused while Inventory/Loot is open
  • Bugfix: Fixed Horde Close button being greyed out when using an Unlockable
  • Bugfix: Fixed Training Mode partner being able to die with InstaGib Unlockable enabled
  • Bugfix: Fixed Horde mode enemies looking broken
  • Bugfix: Fixed Horde mode spawning 2 enemies at every wave after the 10th wave (should be 2 only every 10 waves)
  • Bugfix: Fixed hair being visible through the helm after loading a savegame
  • Bugfix: Fixed Tutorial door not openable with the key

Make sure to launch your Steam client to get the latest version