Patch v1.02.00 Out now

A new patch is now available for Elium – Prison Escape on Steam.
This update features a major revamp to combat animations, with most animations either completely redone from motion captured sources or as improvements over the previous ones, as well as improvements to the entire animation system.
Additionally a number of smaller graphical improvements, optimizations and bugfixes are included.

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  • Improvement: Animation revamp – replaced most combat animations from motion captured sources
  • Improvement: Greatly improved shadow ‘contact’ tightness
  • Improvement: Reduced shadow lines (shadow acne) on sharp light-angle surfaces
  • Improvement: Improved ambient lighting around lights
  • Improvement: Improved blending of directional movement animations
  • Improvement: Improved feet placement when turning in place
  • Improvement: Improved blending out of attack animations
  • Improvement: Improved vertical aim arm rotations
  • Improvement: Reduced the camera rotation inertia applied after a missed attack, removed it from missed shield attacks
  • Improvement: Breakable objects can now be smashed with weapons and punches
  • Improvement: Improved sharpness of textures in the distance
  • Improvement: Improved impact recoils when blocking with a shield or parrying with a weapon
  • Optimization: Small performance optimization on level geometry shader
  • Optimization: Small performance optimization on hair shader
  • Bugfix: Fixed camera position glitching slightly during combat (while parrying, being hit or pushed)
  • Bugfix: Fixed parry being unresponsive after successfully landing a hit
  • Bugfix: Fixed parry being unresponsive after having an attack blocked or parried by the enemy
  • Bugfix: Fixed interrupted attacks sometimes still causing damage
  • Bugfix: Fixed Dodge move not cancelling attacks
  • Bugfix: Fixed Training mode having damage enabled
  • Bugfix: Fixed InstaGib mode affecting the Tutorial
  • Bugfix: Fixed Unlockables not working on a new game after having loaded a saved game
  • Bugfix: Fixed attacks’ aiming being slightly inconsistent when using Character Quality Setting to Low
  • Bugfix: Fixed shadow leaking on ‘Lowest’ ShadowQuality setting
  • Bugfix: Fixed Level 8 outdoor meshes getting culled too early when using the lowest View Distance setting
  • Bugfix: Fixed camera glitch when throwing grabbed objects
  • Bugfix: Fixed AI characters being able to attack while still unsheathing their weapon
  • Bugfix: Fixed animation glitch on AI characters while unsheathing their weapon
  • Bugfix: Fixed AI getting way too close to their enemy while attacking

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