Patch v1.04.00 now available!

A new patch is now available for Elium – Prison Escape.
This patch features a big content update including the inclusion of health potions, two handed swords, and several level improvements.
Additionally a number of smaller graphical improvements, optimizations and bugfixes are included.

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  • New Feature: Added Two-handed swords
  • New Feature: Added Health potions
  • Improvement: Added Lamps as light sources to some levels
  • Improvement: Added 8 new room variations
  • Improvement: Added more decoration to some rooms
  • Improvement: Modified character faces to be more distinct and varied
  • Improvement: Improved AI for guards when searching for the player
  • Improvement: Added AI behavior to search around open doors
  • Improvement: Added AI prisoner behavior to loot corpses to improve their gear as long as the player doesn’t need it
  • Improvement: Improved logic for light and darkness visibility toward AIs
  • Improvement: Added animation for guards when searching
  • Improvement: Improved hand weapon grip in animations
  • Improvement: Improved parry animations for axe and mace weapons
  • Improvement: UI Crosshair’s Stealth visibility indicator now also shows visibility as affected by player movement and player noises
  • Improvement: Improved logic for distributing random loot into guards and chests
  • Improvement: Changed Candles so they don’t require a Torch Extinguisher to put off
  • Improvement: Candles can now be put out (without any items)
  • Improvement: Improved character hair lighting
  • Improvement: Reduced the filesize of game saves
  • Improvement: Rebalanced the frequency of AI kicks
  • Optimization: Improved rendering performance of character head shader
  • Bugfix: Fixed amount of Jarren’s possessions not displayed on the savegame list and not computing upon the final score
  • Bugfix: Fixed characters not being able to fall off ledges
  • Bugfix: Fixed characters unintentionally falling off ledges when attacking or kicking
  • Bugfix: Fixed AI characters floating when performing a dodge
  • Bugfix: Fixed AI losing track of their enemy when standing on a ledge
  • Bugfix: Fixed AI characters’ legs glitching when turning
  • Bugfix: Fixed AI movement glitching when fighting
  • Bugfix: Fixed player’s legs sometimes appearing turned when opening the inventory after rotating the view
  • Bugfix: Fixed character feet placement getting disabled unintentionally
  • Bugfix: Fixed weapon swing sound not getting interrupted when an attack is interrupted
  • Bugfix: Fixed one of Jarren’s possessions not always having a spot to appear
  • Bugfix: Fixed fracturable objects not being fracturable
  • Bugfix: Fixed some engine warnings caused by scabbards attempting to create attack swing trails

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