Patch v1.04.12 out now!

A new patch is now available for Elium – Prison Escape.

This patch provides a fair performance improvement as well as some small graphical improvements and bugfixes.

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  • Improvement: Improved handling of FOV depending on the screen aspect ratio
  • Improvement: Improved GUI to better handle ultra-wide resolutions
  • Improvement: Improved smoke texture when TextureQuality is set to Medium or lower
  • Improvement: Improved character turning in place animation
  • Improvement: Improved Hair shadow rendering
  • Optimization: Optimized Shadow Resolution by distance
  • Optimization: Optimized View Distance object culling
  • Optimization: Improved rendering performance by discarding the pixels under the health and stamina bars
  • Optimization: Improved rendering performance of Lens Flares
  • Bugfix: Fixed Guards walking into doors and gates after closing them
  • Bugfix: Fixed HUD Health and Stamina icons looking stretched on non-16:9 resolutions
  • Bugfix: Fixed character hair rendering behind volume lights and other fog areas
  • Bugfix: Fixed Water footstep splash particles appearing at hips height instead of feet height

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